OASIS: Optical Assembly / 光学アセンブリ

③ OASIS 光学アセンブリ

  OASIS: Optical Assembly






   1. シングルカメラポート

   2. デュアルカメラポート

フィルタ ホルダ

   1. シングルフィルタアダプタ

   2. 3ポジションフィルタホルダ


   1. ニコン

   2. オリンパス

   3. ライカ

   4. ツァイス

OASIS Optical Assembly

OASIS Optical Assembly provides a lot of exciting opportunities for customers to tailor their OASIS into a truly unique system tailored for their applications. The biggest decision to make is choosing a Macroscope imagining optics or microscope imaging optics. Microscope option is suitable for applications requiring an optical setup similar to commercial microscopes while Macroscope setups are more suitable when a large field of view is required without sacrificing optical output intensity. Users can also chose (1) the number of filter positions to include (2) To have dual camera ports and (3) which Microscope vendor objectives they would like their system compatible with..