1x2 Fiber Optic Rotary Joint

1x2 光ファイバー ロータリージョイント

Doric社製の1x2 光ファイバー ロータリージョイントは入力光のパワーまたは波長を分岐する機能を持つ光ロータリージョイントです。






波長分岐タイプは473-488nmの青い波長域(ON signal)と590nmのオレンジの波長域(OFF signal)とを分岐します。波長分岐タイプは逆方向で使用した場合には波長を合波する機能を持ちます。



Transmission* > 40% per channel  > 75% for each wavelength channel 
Maximum Power Variation +/- 3%  +/- 3%
Typical Torque 30μN.m  30μN.m
Input NA 0.22 0.22 
Output NA 0.22 or 0.50 0.22 or 0.50

*Tested with 200μm core diameter, NA0.22 fiber


FRJ_1x2i_FC-2FC_0.22 強度分岐, 1x2, FC to 2xFC connector, 出力側NA:0.22
FRJ_1x2i_FC-2FC_0.50 強度分岐, 1x2, FC to 2xFC connector, 出力側NA:0.50
FRJ_1x2w_473/590_FC-2FC_0.22 波長分岐, 473/590nm, 1x2, FC to 2xFC connector, 出力側NA:0.22
FRJ_1x2w_473/590_FC-2FC_0.50 波長分岐, 473/590nm, 1x2, FC to 2xFC connector, 出力側NA:0.50

These rotary joints are used to send the light coming from a single input optical fiber on a fixed side to two output optical fiber on a rotating side. There are two distinct versions of this product, one for the intensity division and the other for the wavelength division of light. Each version can be further customized if needed. The intensity division rotary joints send half of the input light into each of the two output re- ceptacles. The wavelength division rotary joints split the spectral band originating from the input receptacle and send each band to the corresponding rotating fiber receptacles. In some optogenet- ics experiments, they can be used for example to separate the 473-488 nm blue light (ON signal) and the 590 nm orange light (OFF signal). The fiber patch cords with corresponding connectors should be used to connect to the rotary joints. On the output side, the loose ends of the fibers can be terminated with the M3 connectors, magnetic connectors or with a fiber ferrule that connect to the fiber-optic cannula. For more infor- mation on the matching patch cords for the rotary joints, see the Patch cords section.