OASIS: Objective / 対物レンズ

⑤ OASIS 対物レンズ

  OASIS: Objective


   1. ニコン    2. オリンパス

   3. ライカ    4. ツァイス


   1) 4X 対物レンズ   2) 2.35X 対物レンズ

   3) 1.9X対物レンズ

OASIS Compatible Objectives

If using OASIS Micro most major commercial microscope objectives will be compatible with the system. Just let our support team know which objective you plan to use and they will make sure to select an optical assembly configuration for the vendor objective. Mightex is also able to provide objectives with the OASIS as an add on as well. Let us know your key requirements and we will be glad to make a recommendation. If using OASIS Macro there are three objectives option that the user can choose between This includes a 4X, 2.35X and 1.9X Macro objectives.