OASIS: Illumination Option / Polygon400 pattern illuminator

OASIS 照明光源オプション Polygon400 パターン照明装置

① OASIS 照明光源オプション, Polygon400 パターン照明装置

  OASIS: Illumination Option / Polygon400 pattern Illuminator

OASIS 光刺激システムでは様々な光源を使用することができます。特にMightex社製のパターン照明装置 Polygon400シリーズを装着することで高強度のin vivo および in vitro 光刺激が可能となりそのアドバンテージを享受することができます。 Polygon400シリーズは幅広い波長域(240nmから940nm)のLED光源から必要な波長を複数組み合わせることができますので、多用途にも対応する構成を組むことができます。



Polygon400をOASIS 光刺激システムと構成した場合の仕様

OASIS 光刺激システムとの組み合わせで仕様できるPolygon400シリーズは下記の2種類です。

Polygon400 Eシリーズ(LED光源内蔵タイプ)


Polygon400 Gシリーズ(外部光源ライトガイド入力タイプ)

このタイプではお客様が既にお持ちの光源やMightex社製の高出力LED光源 Type-Hなどが使用できます。


Polygon400 Projection Area with OASIS Micro

Projection Area Common Microscopes
Leica Nikon Olympus Zeiss
Height (mm) 8.7 8.7 7.8 7.2
Width (mm)
15.5 15.5 13.9 12.7
Diagonal (mm) 17.7 17.7 16.0 14.6
Pixel size (μm)
18.0 18.0 16.2 14.8

To calculate illumination area and pixel resolution at the specimen, simply divide the above numbers by the magnification of the objective.

For example, under a 10x objective on an Olympus microscope, the illumination area will be 0.78mm x 1.39mm with a pixel resolution of 1.62μm.

Polygon400 Projection Area with OASIS Macro

Projection Area 4X Objective 2.35X Objective 1.9X Objective
Height(mm) 2.2 3.7 4.5
Width (mm) 3.9 6.6 8.2
Diagonal (mm) 4.4 7.5 9.3
Pixel size (μm) 4.5 7.7 9.5

Polygon400 Output Power with OASIS Micro

Wavelength (nm) Output Power (mW)
400 14.0
470 15.0
530 4.5
590 3.0
617 14.0
630 14.0
656 14.0


① Illumination Source / Polygon400 Pattern Illuminator


OASIS Illumination Overview OASIS features several illumination options that customers can take advantage of. One of the most important options is the option to integrate Mightex’s market leading Polygon400 patterned illuminator to perform in vivo & in vitro patterned illumination options. A wide field illumination option is available where users can select any number of wavelengths between (240nm-940nm) and couple it into OASIS.


In addition to selecting wide-field or patterned illumination options, OASIS is configurable and flexible to incorporate multiple patterned illumination or wide illumination devices to provide maximum versatility possible. To identify the illumination set-up that is ideal for your research our support team will be glad to walk you through the choices.

A popular choice for customers is to use Mightex’s market leading Polygon400 with OASIS. Either a Polygon400 with built-in LEDs (E-Series) or with a lightguide input to be used with external LED Sources (G-Series) can be used. Polygon E-Series is suitable for customers requiring only 1-3 wavelengths, while Polygon G-Series is advantageous when customers want to work with their existing light sources or want to use super-high power illuminations sources like Mightex’s Type-H LEDs.